Thursday, August 9, 2007

I guess I will post.....

Ok, since J started blogging I guess I will too! I do have to admit though some of you may be bored since I will post my stamping stuff!!! Some of you aren't the crafty know who you are! :) I will also post some family going-ons!

So what is new with the Slinkys....we are still a two mortgage paying fam!! Nothing yet!!! Keep on praying!!!

The boys are good...Boogs (don't ask...aka R) will start pre-school at the end of Aug and then it will be just me and Peanut! Oohhhh what will we do!!! The Rockstar (as J is know by the boys) and the Queen (me, according to the Rockstar) will start going to a small group at our new church, North Point Community Church . The pastor is Andy Stanley, Dr. Charles Stanley's son. I didn't even know Dr. Stanley had pastored a church here. Although we miss Rex, we have been blessed with by the pastors that have taught us. Besides that nothing else.

Ok for those who aren't crafty you may want to stop reading and come back another day! :) For my friend, H....I actually did this while the kids watched tv....I know I AM A BAD MOTHER!!!!! Here is something I made today for a challenge at SCS...if you are crafty and haven't been to this can and will get you in trouble. I have other things I have created that Iwill post over time!

Well, I guess that will be all for now!!!



Grace Whisperer said...

Yay!! You're up & running! :) You'll have to tell me how to get my kids to watch TV while I do ANYthing. Mine will only watch if I sit there with them! LOL!!

Like the crafty link by the way. How long did your challenge take?

Katie said...

I love the blog. Thanks for the RAK too...I was looking to see if you had a blog and now will add it to my long list!!