Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting crafty....

I got crafty tonight!!! Yeah me!! I have been memorizing Scripture with Beth Moore and then found some posts on SplitCoastStampers that use Scripture as a focal point to your cards or scrapbook pages, so I decided why not!!

Here is what I made....

This 6x6 scrap page is for a few challenges on SplitCoastStampers.....the Divine Design Bible Verse Challenge and His Holy Name Challenge. For His Holy Name challenge, we are given an attribute of God to study...the first challenge was HOLY. I looked up verses and decided on Colossians 1:22. My plan is to put the pages from the challenges in a vertical album and showcase them somewhere in the house.

I have had this American Crafts paper for months now and did not want to cut it but decided this was a great project to use it! I will be trying to use it instead of hoarding it! :)

You will be seeing more pages like this!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What happened!!!

Looks like Grant has gotten over the novelty of being a big boy and going on the potty!!! This week he did not want to wear underwear or sit on the potty. It crushes me because we went to the Mall of Georgia this morning and before we left I changed his diaper, when we got home at 1pm he was dry...I know....shame on me for not changing him while we were out but we checked and he didn't need to be changed... and he did not want to sit on the potty! I tried to bribe him with M&M's....which is his reward when he goes....but he really protested about it so I let it go. BUMMER!!! He was doing so well and now he doesn't want to go!!! Oh, well......maybe he will be potty trained so he can got to VBS (Vacation Bible School) this summer....aiming high!!! :)

Do you see how interesting my life has become that I am blogging about potty training!!!

I actually did do something crafty for my MOPS table.....I made them all Scripture Memory books but I forgot to take a picture before I handed them out. They were belated Valentine's gifts since I was a slacker and started them the night before our Valentine's Day meeting.

Ok...I have nothing else to say except Goodnight Y'all!!! ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Looks like we're potty training....

Grant seems to be ready for potty training...which causes some excitment and yet I am not sure I am ready for it. Last Thursday...or was it Tuesday.... I mentioned to his pre-school teacher that he had sat on the potty and actually went so they put him on the potty all morning and he STAYED DRY!!! I was shocked and very proud of him. Today, Daddy asked Grant if he had to go potty and he said yes and went I write this I realize that this is just exciting for me and no-one else....and since I was getting Riley from school while Grant went down for a nap, I am assuming Daddy had him go before nap and he woke up dry...needless to say he went when I got him up!! It's exciting since I am finally coming to the end of diaper duty!!! Not to mention, not having to tote around diapers and wipes!!! Wooohoooo! But, again I am not sure if I am ready for the work that goes into potty training. Grant is definitely ahead of Riley....though I am sure we probably could have Riley trained by 3 but were moving. Riley was actually trained pretty quick once the move was over. So we will see!!!!! :) We do have to work on pulling up pants.....he can pull them down ok....

Anywho......see how exciting my life is......