Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally updating!!!

Ok faithful readers (do I have any?), I know if has been a really long time since I updated! Life had gotten a little bit more busy for me with the new year!!!

So what is going on in the Slinky household...we have joined a small group, I have started volunteering at church (we are going to Northpoint)twice a week and the boys are both enrolled in their pre-school! Peanut loves school and his teachers...his teachers are great! Jeff is busy with work!

The end of January Riley turned 4 and we have a party for him at the house. Our house was filled with 18 pre-schoolers and at least one of their parents...can you say CRAZY!!! It actually didn't turn out to bad...the kids were either playing in the playroom or in the bonus room. We ordered pizza and I made some ziti for the parents. His party theme was Cars (the Disney movie)!!!

And Peanut will be turning 2 at the end of April!!! Boy does time fly, some days not fast enough!! ;) Grant will get to celebrate his birthday in Disney and then again at home! We are going to Disney the end of April and then the grandparents will be coming in the day after we get back!

Now most of you know one reason why we decided to move South is to escape the snow but looky what happened the week before Riley's birthday.....

We actually go a couple of inches of snow in January! The kids loved playing in it...the good thing is it only lasted but a day and was gone the next.

For my crafty readers, I do have some projects. Here are some cards I made recently....

Here are the teacher's gifts for Christmas.....