Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Grant!!!!!

Me and my boys the day we brought Grant home....

Grant at 9 days old

Three years ago, Grant entered our lives and the world!! I am not sure I really believe that he is 3, since that means he's not a baby anymore and it throws me for a loop that at his next birthday he will be 4!

Grant is our Tennessee baby....I remember when I thought I was pregnant...I was a little nervous about being pregnant. Why? We had just moved to Tennessee that May, moved into our first house at the end of June (we closed on our house on Jeff's bday...he was on a business trip so my Dad came with me to the closing, I think Riley was with my grandparents.), and Riley was only 18 months old. I was more nervous about the age gap between the two kids, being so close together, than anything else. So yes, my children are 27 months apart.....not what I really had planned but Someone else had other plans for our family! We figured we would start trying for another baby, thinking that it would be a few months before we actually got pregnant, esp. since it took us a while with Riley, again Someone else had other plans! When I thought I might be pregnant I called my girl, Kristan, since her kids are 2 1/2 years apart. I remember Kristan telling me it would be hard for a little while but will get easier....don't you love when someone doesn't sugar coat things for ya!! I took a test even before I was late, and my intuition was right, we were having another baby!

My first trimester, I had morning sickness and was tired....poor Riley was propped in front of the tv most days. Talk about mommy guilt, friends would remind me that it was temporary and not to beat myself up about it. My mom came to visit in August, I think I was only 6 weeks along and not quite ready to share our news. We went to one of our fav places to eat and Mom wanted to get a margarita I think, I wasn't quick enough to think of something to say and just said no, of course she asked why, and I just looked at her and her knew why. She was very excited! Dad found out a little bit later and I think it was a safe time to tell him when he found out. We were at his house for dinner with the family, and he mentioned to me that Betty thought that I looked like I was losing weight. He just chalked it up to me starting to workout again. I told him she was right that I was losing weight since I had morning sickness and we were having another baby!

We didn't find out what we were having when I was pregnant with Riley, but with Grant we did in case we had to do some shopping. :) I was really hoping for a girl going into my ultrasound appt around 18 weeks. The tech was having a hard time finding out the sex, so we started pushing on my belly since she thought that might reveal something and it did! I was the first to notice and said it's a boy before the tech could announce it. Needless to say, I was happy he was healthy but a tad disappointed it wasn't a girl.

I have never felt so HUGE in my life and gained more weight with Grant than with Riley. I remember looking at a picture that was taken at my Dad's the weekend of Easter and my shirt just barely covered my belly!!! YIKES!!! Grant came into the world shortly after that picture was taken....thankfully! :)

I was induced again since I felt that I would pop any minute...I was miserably uncomfortable and felt like Grant was going to be way bigger than Riley was. Riley spent the night with Grandma and Pee-Paw since I had to be at the hospital bright and early. Mom and Bob were on their way from NY. Things progressed slowing as the day went on and we had some issues with Grant's heart rate. When I had a contraction, Grant's heart rate would go down. So the nurse put a probe on Grant's head to monitor him and changed the way I was laying...she thought the cord could be around his neck. So that made me a little nervous. I don't remember when she told me (because I am a bad mother and did not journal his birth, so Grant will be on Oprah one day saying how I messed him up by not documenting his birth!) but she told me you will be ready at 4pm. Around 4pm, I remember saying to Jeff, this baby is coming, go get the nurse. Ten minutes later, we were introduced to our little boy. And yes his cord was around his neck but he was ok.

He is the child that likes to toe the I am in trouble!!!!

When he is sweet, he is sweet and when he is being a bear, he is unbearable!! I wouldn't trade him for the world! Even though, I may not have a girl, I just love my boys...boys are soooooo sweet and loving!! And no, we are not going to try for girl, we are done!! A day doesn't go by when I don't get a hug, a kiss, our a spontaneous "I love you Mommy" which makes the difficult days a little bit easier to handle!

Happy Birthday Grant (aka Peanut, Peanut Butter)!!! We love you!! Riley made Grant a birthday card and in it he wrote, "Happy Birthday Grant. I love you." How sweet is that!!

This website pretty sums it up for me.....they sell a t-shirt that says, "boy moms rock."

This momma loves her some boys!!!


Grace Whisperer said...

Happy birthday, Grant!! Glad you made it to 3! ;)

Hey, about that t-shirt... I thought only girls could be moms?! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Grant...I know all of you must have had fun. Thank you for sharing your story.